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Book Announcement: Research on Learning and Teaching the Basic Skills in Mathematics in Sub-Saharan Africa 

Editors: Prof. Vitor Geraldi Haase (Brazil), Dr. Pekka Räsänen (Finland), Prof. Dr. Annemarie Fritz-Stratmann (Germany)

MARKO (Mathematik- und Rechenkonzepte im Vorschulalter)

MARKO is an individual, child-friendly individual test that helps analyze a child’s prerequisite’s for his/her future development with regard to mathematical competencies. Delays as well as progress in a child’s development can be described quantitatively and qualitatively. The latter is based on theory-based grouping of items. Repeated testing has the advantage of being able to retrace the effects of individual support and of changes of a child’s knowledge. MARKO has been applied in multiple countries and validated in a number of additional countries (see world map).


  • Translating and validating MARKO-D (and soon MARKO-S as well)
  • Partner: Prof. Dr. Annemie Desoete, University of Gent,  Department of Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology


  • Prof. Dr. Annemarie Fritz-Stratmann is one of seven speakers at the Brazilian-German Winter School on Numerical Cognition 2019 in Belo Horizonte.
  • Research on math anxiety.
  • Partner: Prof. Dr. Vitor G. Haase, Federal University of Minas Gerais


  • Cooperation with the Institute of Psychology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (UC) to develop the Chilean version of MARKO.
  • Partner: Prof. Dr. Ricardo Rosas, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, School of Psychology


  • Cooperation with the Doctoral School of Education at the University of Szeged on applications of diagnostic tests in educational practice, modern educational paradim in ICT, and tests for diagnosing math difficulties.
  • Partners: Prof. Benő Csapó DSc, University of Szeged, Institute of Education,
    Assoc. Prof. Gyöngyvér Molnár, University of Szeged, Institute of Education,
    Mojahed Mousa (doctoral student under supervision of Prof. Molnár)

South Africa

  • Prof. Dr. Fritz-Stratmann is a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Johannesburg (since January 2015).
  • Prof. Fritz-Stratmann is a Visiting Professor at theInstitute for Childhood Education (Soweto Campus) of the University of Johannesburg (since 2012).
  • Cooperation with the Centre for Education Practice Research
  • Partners: Prof. Elizabeth Henning, University of Johannesburg, Director: Centre for Education Practice Research and SARChI Chair,
    Prof. Caroline Long, University of Johannesburg, Faculty of Education, Department of Childhood Education​
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